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    Ottawa Valley artist Sarah Jaynes is known for her lifelike charcoal portraits and colourful abstract paintings of Canadian wildlife. Growing up she was encouraged to follow her passions and she did just that. After completing a B.F.A .and a B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa she worked for a few years at the National Gallery of Canada, then began a career teaching high school art. The mother of three active sons, Sarah spends much of her time outdoors, often in and around the (Canadian) Mississippi River. In 2015 she made a conscious decision to base her art on the imagery that surrounded her. What ensued was a series of charcoal portraits of the wildlife she was seeing at her cabin and the farm animals she was driving past on her commute to work. Sarah has boundless energy, an amazing sense of humour, a mischievous streak and, most importantly, a positive attitude.

    Sarah’s artworks are constantly evolving, first charcoals, then paints, then inks and most recently block printing. She revisits favourite subjects again and again, in different mediums, always searching for a new form of expression. This catalogue is only a snapshot of her work. To keep current with her artistic endeavours I encourage you to follow her on social media and to check in with her website frequently.